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Spanish for interpreters

Certificate at the end of the level or course

We have an experienced team of trainers to teach Spanish for professionals of institutional interpretation. The main objective of our programmes is to give you the linguistic tools needed to understand the language in the public and institutional spheres of Spanish. From everyday speech to the sociocultural and political realities, all in a practical way.

Consolidate and improve your Spanish

ESIN online

The training for ESIN (Spanish for Interpreters) online is adapted to the requirements of the student for their professional role. For this, we discuss beforehand the contents and the virtual materials that we are going to use.


Duration and timetable


Individual classes

34 60 Minutes
  • One person

Group classes

18 60 Minutes
  • 2 to 4 people

Visit to the Parliament of Andalucia

ESIN TI (Total immersion)

The ESIN TI programme is a course in Spanish and the realities of Hispanic life in total immersion for interpreters. You have the opportunity to gain extralinguistic understanding through visits and real synergies in historic, artistic, social, cultural, governmental and administrative spaces and entities in the city.


Duration and timetable

Dates: to be determined


635 €


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