Life IS your Spanish classroom!

La vida ES understanding the people around you, walking, understanding what you hear or see on the street, bringing out our comic or dramatic side…

La vida ES science, knowing what is similar and learning from what is different, overcoming adversity, enjoying art and culture, growing up, communicating…

That is why we offer you the possibility of learning languages through a wide variety of resources that are closer to your life and the world, to reality, to who we are.

We are committed to a dynamic and flexible concept of languages, so that we find what unites us in all its diversity and adapting to any context.

Don’t wait! Check our agenda, locator map and catalogue of teaching materials to communicate in different places and situations; walking; attending events, classes, workshops… Also from the sofa at home or in the corner cafe!

Our language classroom is life!

Who are we?


Profesora de español y humanidades

Teacher of Spanish and Humanities

Graduated in Humanities with the specialty of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language; but I dedicate myself to learning from teaching, from my students and from the people around me. All this makes me grow (thanks!). Gleaned after each experience as a teacher of Spanish and humanities in different cities: Seville, Lisbon, Nitra, Madrid, Brussels, Malaga…

I have known the atmosphere of language centres, university and secondary education, NGOs and the enriching closeness of individual teaching. This gives you the opportunity to enter a multitude of worlds… and you conclude that we all speak almost the same language – the more you value its diversity, the more you are convinced of it.

I love to investigate. I have several publications and communications on ELE didactics and thousands of conversations on the air about sociolinguistics as the key to fixing the world. (It is not a joke!)

I also like books, folklore, creative things, dancing, writing… I still haven’t learned the meaning of “who covers a lot, squeezes little”. Oh…! There is a dilemma there… life is like that!.

Spanish and humanities teacher.

Learning is the basis for personal development, this is the idea that almost everything I do revolves around. I apply pedagogy naturally in every action, even if it seems insignificant. My motto is: “you learn from everything”.

I have a degree in History. I have participated in archaeological research projects and museum projects. I have a masters degree in Documents and Books, Archives and Libraries, as well as specialised training in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and in teaching in general. Although teaching in nursery schools has been a continuity in my professional life, I have also dedicated myself to teaching Spanish classes and teaching primary and secondary students, as well as adults in an entity attached to the university.

I enjoy my work, aware that the effective transmission of knowledge and learning tools is essential to build a more humane society. The axis of all learning is the transversality of significant notions that awaken new concerns. You learn from everything and with everything.

Regarding my hobbies, I like art, history, decoration, nature, tranquillity, observing how people evolve… and La vida ES is a good tool for this to happen.


Profesora de español y humanidades


Profesor de inglés y ciencias

Science and English teacher

I am from England and have lived in Spain for more than ten years. There I worked for conservation organisations, protecting wildlife and natural spaces. Here I have dedicated myself to teaching and have gained great experience working in bilingual centres following the British educational system, the International Baccalaureate and in language centres preparing students for all levels of the Cambridge English exams.

I enjoy adapting the classes to each individual according to their priorities, preferences and the learning pace, to the nature and context of each one. Also the language in the classroom (physical or virtual) can often be artificial; so I often use authentic materials like newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and music to practice “real life” conversations.

Over the years I have taught hundreds of students; children, adolescents and adults. My students say that I am funny and very patient, probably because I understand the difficulties they have.

I am a great reader and movie buff, especially of science fiction and comedy. I’m also part of an English improvisational comedy theatre group in Seville, so you can come and laugh at how I try to act…or act with me!